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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reality TV overload, Turbofire, protein and edamame

Hey Lovelies! Do you realize we have just as much reality TV shows as real shows? (i.e. comedy, drama, news??) Reality TV has taken over and I have fell prey to it.  I mean it's Thursday and the first thing I thought was, "It's Jerzday!" (Jersey Shore, Mtv 10:00) See?? Godawful! I think what hooks me is that people actually act the way that they do, and on camera.  ESPECIALLY the whole Real housewives franchise. Majority of these ladies are mid-thirties and up and they act a complete fool! And I can't get enough. It's like it appalls and shock and awe's me at the same time...And there you have it; hence the sink.  Ha! So I filled out thirty plus applications on Seriously.  I am a veteran I supposed to have veterans preference; so I guess i'll have to sit back and see.  Beings that I keep going back and forth with possibly trying to enlist back in; I figured I might as well try civil service as well.....Anyways on to a more pleasant topic....Turbofire!!!

I did a hiit 20 which is a high intensity interval workout; basically meaning that it's high impact with one minute breaks in between for 20 minutes  and I wore my weighted gloves....Go girl!!  And a nice 10 minute stretch. F.Y.I -  before doing any type of workout if your not a protein shake or protein bar type of girl eat hard boiled eggs.  It's protein which gives your body a burst of energy and gives it something to burn as you work out.
Later, the weather was really balmy so me and Pooper went on a walk through the park which was really nice. It's awesome to see the 2 year olds mind at work and become fascinated by something as small as a twig blowing in the breeze.  We came back and happily ate a whole bag of roasted edamame

 and then we were off to get Captain Rhyan and my two older kids from school.  Okay guys it's time for Jersey Shore. Yea oh yea! Hey at least I can admit it!! Have a great night....
Miss Nik


  1. Thanks for the follow. I am now following you back

  2. Yeah, buddy!!!! I wake up thinking the same thing every Jersday. I put my tee shirt on and hop in the imaginary cab with that wacky and funny drunk escapade. I love it!

  3. Lol yes! I knew I wasn't the only one :-)