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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rainy Mondays, job hunting, poops and Disney

It's 8:44 AM. My school kids have been deposited safely to their schools, and me and the pooper are having hott chocolate and mint marshmallows. While pooper is happily walking around with her poop diaper which she is refusing to let me change and eating her now soggy cheerios;  I'm singing away to Disney's Mickey Mouse clubhouse as I dutifully send off more resume's to whoever is hiring.  I have been home for two months now.  You know how you start off only sending resume's to the jobs that pay enough, in the field that you have the most experience in and the hours  you are looking for? Then it goes to filling out applications for whoever is hiring, open availibility and pay way below what you would want to be paid hourly or salary wise?? Horrible. I already dread Mondays; for it to rain as well incredibly traumatic to my psyche.  It's a New Year, and I have yet felt the drive to go "balls to the wall" with my workout routine. Like most of us Mom's over the holiday, I ate too many carbs, my "clean diet" went out the window, I baked too many gingerbread cookies and ate too much raw cookie dough.  I seriously need a jumpstart back to my routine.  I have made my way gradually to my clean diet.  I have my boiled eggs boiling at the moment and baking some turkey bacon.  I cannot find the drive to workout! I have been doing Beachbody's Turbofire, and P90x.  I'm thinking I need a new workout.  I have been eyeing two newer workouts. The Pink Method, and Les Mil Pump.  I saw the pink method on the Dr. Show, and it looked challenging. Alot of cardio, and I  am a cardio queen. And you cannot go wrong with me having pink in the title of anything! Les Mil Pump comes with weights and barbells, and 8 or 9 dvd's to workout to.  It looks interesting and different from the cardio driven workouts that I tend to go for.
Anywho, on to the next holiday right? Valentines day....Woooohooo. For a single Mummy that means, goodie baskets for my kiddos,  (red and brown jelly belly's, red and black stuffed animals free meal to Chick fila etc. etc...) Treat myself to a seafood dinner for five (The kids are coming with me i'm not going by myself!) Pretty pink roses to myself, red decorations heart shaped dolls  with cupcake decorations etc. etc.  For me it represents girly fixtures, and decorations, chocolates pink, pink, pink.....ha!

Yes. These are the images that come to mind.....well ladies enjoy your day on to errands, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and changing pooper......poop #2. 

Miss Nik


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  2. Hey Miss Nik! I'm a new MBC follower. Are you still in NJ? Do you have office experience? I work for a staffing agency in LA so I may be able to help you. Either way, I look forward to your future posts :)

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  7. I feel you on the "eating too much carbs" over the holidays. I've been trying to eat healthy for the past few weeks myself. New follower from MBC. :)